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Love In Pain

This e-book will focus on pain management education from a physical therapist’s perspective. It will discuss topics ranging from movement, pain, mindfulness science, somatic practices, nutrition, and lifestyle. It will be a small but informative dose of information, as well as a starting point to help you navigate pain in a way that makes sense, regardless of where you are in your pain cycle, physically or emotionally. We humans may be created equal, but factors pertaining to nature and nurture determine our experience and successful outcomes. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy, but we can find ways to stop or mitigate pain in its tracks before it becomes a chronic pain nightmare. And if you are in that chronic pain nightmare, it will offer some suggestions and starting points to get you on a new path.


Recognize, Respond and Relieve

Includes Initial Evaluation + 5  follow ups

  • Gait, Movement Analysis/Functional Screen
  • Movement Impairment Diagnosis
  • Lifestyle and Behavior
  • Weekly Symptom-Control and Tracking Worksheet
  • Client-Specific Therapeutic Exercise Jump Start Program
  • Travel-Size Care/Exercise Start-Up Kit
  • Free Download of my E-Book, Love in Pain.
  • Lifetime Access to a Phone/Desktop Exercise program

This program is a 6 week commitment to yourself to get you out of immediate pain and to jumpstart you into a new program meant to establish a new baseline.


Roadmapping, Rewiring and Commitment to Change

Includes Evaluation + up to 10 sessions

  • Everything in Recognize, Respond and Relieve
  • Client-specific therapeutic exercise progressions to move into strength building and permanent movement/structural changes
  • Referral and initial consultations to any of my extended network of team members
  • Weekly phone call/check-in’s
  • Unlimited e-mail communication/text support

This program is a > 6 week commitment to yourself dedicated to move beyond just the foundational acute management to re-creating new patterns needed to build a strong foundation for permanent change.


Navigating the New Normal and Beyond

Includes IE + up to 20 follow ups

  • Everything in Roadmapping, Rewiring and Commitment to Change
  • Unlimited communication up to 12 months from start of care to address any new life events that may impact your new normal
  • Education for long term-management and maintenance of the New Normal
  • Treatment sessions can be utilized at any time within one year from start of care package

This program is a 6-12 month commitment and is intended to be a deep dive into all the varying contributing elements of not only creating a new normal but maintaining it well beyond completion of a rehabilitation program.  

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